so that

so that
حَتَّى \ even: showing a fact from which one may guess other facts: I invited him, but he didn’t even answer my letter (so, clearly, he did not come). It’s cold here, even in summer (so, clearly, it is very cold in winter), showing an unexpected fact: He was very kind; he even lent me some money, (used to give more force to a comparative word): He knows even less than I do. He’s even lazier than you are. in order that: so that; with the purpose that: We hurried in order that we should not arrive late. in order to: so as to; with the intention to: He saved his money in order to buy a bicycle. (no sooner)... than: as soon as: No sooner had I found the key than I lost it again (I lost it very soon after I had found it). so that: used for showing purpose: He helped me with the work so that we’d finish earlier. till: up to the time when: I waited till he was ready. till: up to (a certain time): We waited from 6.30 till midnight. We can’t go till [i]Monday. to: in expressions of place and time; showing where sb. or sth. goes; showing an aim or limit; showing a point that is reached: We walked to school. I was away from June to October. until: up to the time that: She stayed until I returned.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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